Member Projects In Development

In the spirit of Nickola Tesla’s lab above, this page is a type of “lab” for members to post their works in progress for comments from group members. It might be a scene from a screenplay or parts of a screenplay in progress. It might be a logline or premise for a screenplay, or a treatment for a screenplay. This is a place to mix it up with fellow members and get feedback from them. All of these “lab activities” are important functions of a group like the DSG.

Writing Awards For DSG Members

Atlas In Love / Honorable Mention PSWG Poetry Contest / Kristin Johnson (April 2016)

I Eat Movies / Honorable Mention PSWG Poetry Contest / Kristin Kirby (April 2016)

Scenes From A Bench / 2nd Place PSWG Poetry Contest / Catherine Stanley (April 2016)

(Note: To post your project or award-winning writing, on this page send it via Word document or PDF to John Fraim at Before posting it will be for reviewed by John, Janeil and Andrew. When posted to the site we will send out an email blast to members about the project directing them to its posting on this page. Comments will be collected and presented to the DSG member. Projects on this page might be subject for discussion at DSG meetings.)