Beyond Courage

Screenwriting Group:

I am extremely pleased to announce the new screenplay Beyond Courage by DCG member and Creative Advisor Andrew Kaplan. We’re posted his screenplay on our Screenplay Page of our website. See our site page to read Andrew’s new screenplay.

You can also immediately download his screenplay by clicking on the PDF file below.

We are proud that the Desert Screenwriting Group continues to grow into a powerful new voice in screenwriting ideas and theories and techniques. Based on the increasing levels of powerful criticism from industry insiders who are mostly DSG members and agree to address our group.

I have not yet read Andrew’s screenplay so cannot be prejudiced for the screenplay below in any way. I only know that since I left the incredible little group I started, it has grown in tremendous leaps and bounds to what it is today and, more importantly, what it might be in the future.

Of course, you’re all part of its growth, the most important aspects and elements and reasons for it.

I would than all of you. But the great achievement of the DSG for me will be when all of you simply want to thank the DSG group rather than it broadcasting out all the thank yous first. I’ve always thought that the power and true value of an online group and a meeting group is having members increase the connection between them rather than increase the number of members. This is my real desire for DSG. That it become as interactive as possible. A true community of discussion and criticism of new types of screenplays. Born in the California desert. Only two hours east of Los Angeles. But far enough out of Los Angeles (my old home town) to not be brainwashed by the LA screenwriting system.

I’m proud that we have a widely diverse group of members. Down to 16 years old up to the middle 80s. All searching not necessarily for how to write screenplays, but rather how best to communicate in our image filled world. Of course the greatest form of modern storytelling is screenplays. We are involved in the state-of-the-art methods and techniques for telling the most powerful modern stories. Currently, this form of authorship is titled “screenwriting” and it continues to evolve and change like one of the those creatures they discuss on late night radio like Coast-to-Coast. What is the best screenwriting today? Is Andrew’s screenplay, which you can quickly open below, an example of the best?

Only you can be the judge here. I have never met Andrew but certainly hope to meet him one day. I’m back here in Ohio writing this tonight, big flakes of snow falling all about. A sudden, silent, attack on our city. Falling over everything, Quietly. Silently tonight. Our first big snowstorm of the season. Yet it halted abruptly after a few hours of work on us. I hope to make it to more meetings of the DSG, hope to work on our site to make it the best site for screenwriters in the nation.

So glad all of you are part of it. And so much thanks to those (somewhat hidden leaders of this great group … Janeil, Ray and Andrew).


PS … and now, a screenplay that transports us all to a different time when things were tougher in this country … like they were in the film The Revenant I saw a few weeks ago, like the screenplay for it we have posted on our Screenplay website, like the novel I read a year ago. You be the judge on this story. Again, I have not looked at it yet. But we are so happy to start off the year 2016 with a screenplay by one of its members!

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