During this year, I’ve returned to reading a lot and have re-read Huckleberry Finn. Read a number of other books and articles and essays and stories during the year. But the pieces that stand out in my mind are The Hunger Games, I A Pilgrim and The Lawgiver. The Hunger Games by a young woman. Pilgrim by a middle aged screenwriter. And Lawgiver, by probably the world’s oldest and most famous author, Herman Wouk.

The three seem destined to particular audiences although all of them offer first-rate suspense and drama. Hunger Games for the younger demographics. Pilgrim for the thriller, spy market out there. And The Lawgiver, for those who believe in a new way of telling stories. Not through narrative voice but rather the collection of epistolary objects like office memos and recordings, voice mails, hotel notes, all sorts of ways except the regular voice of a narrator (present in 99% of novels today).

The one hundred year old author has written one of the great self-reflective pieces on Hollywood, Perhaps one of the great views of Hollywood ever put on paper. Brilliance in the memos between the studio people and the creative people. Of course it shows author Herman Wouk’s prejudices though the years but all of this comes through via such subtle means, like they are totally untouched by the guiding hand of the author of the story.






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