The True History of Hollywood?




What Happens Next

A History of American Screenwriting

Marc Norman

The book is one of those unusual beings that falls between different genres. It is not another “how to” book from a screenwriting guru. But neither is it a biography or tell all book of the industry. Although it could easily qualify for these two types of books about Hollywood. The Academy Award Winning screenwriter Marc Norman (Shakespeare in Love) has crafted a book centered on writing for Hollywood. Yet, at the same time, he has created the greatest, and most interesting history of Hollywood and the early years of the movie business I’ve ever read or heard about.

One continues to plow through this brilliant book on American screenwriting, watching that strange breed called screenwriter develop from an embryo in the early years to that more complex, sophisticated, person he or she is today. The importance of this book is that it views the history of the film business through the eyes of a screenwriter.

This offers quite a view. Perhaps a perspective far beyond those from other fields. The best perspective, hero, to tell a story. The perspective of a modern screenwriter.

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